Sorry Television reviews Flash Boys

Here is Sorry Television’s review of Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. Flash Boys is Lewis’s most recent book about Wall Street. Flash Boys could be best described as a non-fiction mystery book. It examines how one man and stuffy Canadian bank unraveled the mystery of high frequency trading and attempted to help their clients avoid a rigged market. Check out Sorry Television’s review.

Sorry Television

flash-boys-jkt_1I know, I know–reviewing Flash Boys is so last week. But I approach my reading the way I approach my running: Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just get there in your own time. (Incidentally, this is also how I approach fashion, new music, travel, food fads, and pool.)

If you’ve managed to miss out on the Flash Boys Extravaganza (which sounds like a raunchy Chippendales show), it goes like this: Michael Lewis, best known for writing the seminal Wall Street memoir Liar’s Poker, as well as The Blind Side and Moneyball, published a book about high-frequency trading in which he said, essentially, that the stock market is rigged against the average investor. Flash Boys, which primarily investigates high-frequency trading through the eyes of Royal Bank of Canada whiz kid Brad Katsuyama, unpacks the wonky details of HFT to a damning conclusion: Firms are exploiting technological and regulatory…

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