Have you ever been at a comic book store and fallen in love with Book 1 of a series but when you go back to buy the whole series, they only have Issues #2, #5, and #8? This has happened to me several times, even on Amazon. You just want to binge read the whole story, right? 

So, I decided to start DailyBooks to chronicle great graphic novel series. If you want to quickly find all of the issues of a particular series, discover a new series, learn about more graphic novels from your favorite authors or artists, you’ve come to the right place. 

After building the educational history website DailyHistory.org, which now attracts over 150,000 page views a month, I’m eager to turn my focus to sharing info about great graphic novels.

We do include ratings for each graphic novel. We have decided that the Comixology ratings work as well as any. We have also included a translation to movie ratings which most of us are already familiar with.

They have six rating categories:

  • All Ages – G
  • 9+ Only – PG
  • 12+ Only – PG-13
  • 15+ Only – PG-13
  • 17+ Only – R
  • 18+ Only – NC-17

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Clinton Sandvick

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