Starlight: Mark Millar’s Love Letter to Buck Rogers


Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Goran Parlov

Publisher: Image


Rating: 17+

Duke McQueen was recently widowed after 38 years of marriage. Before he married his wife, he saved a distant world from a ruthless tyrant after being transported through a portal. Almost no one believed his story, except his wife. Even his sons thought he was crazy. After his wife’s funeral, a retro spaceship straight out of Buck Rogers up shows behind his house. The ship’s pilot, little more than a kid, asks him to come back and save his world again.

Starlight has been described as a “pure, unadulterated sci-fi pulp adventure that was also one of the best comics of 2015.” John R. Parker wrote that Starlight is “essentially, John Carter meets The Incredibles.” As high concepts go, that’s a pretty good one. McQueen has also been described as the best character created by Mark Millar. McQueen is an old school sci-fi hero who is forced to face his mortality and limitations. Despite complaining that he is too old, McQueen still has some heroics left in him.

Fortunately, he does still have a little bit left in the tank. The world he saved 40 years earlier is a catastrophe. It was conquered by an off-world tyrant who was looting the planet for resources and enslaving its population. In a sense, McQueen is partially responsible for this outcome. After he left, the planet was so peaceful it demilitarized and became easy pickings for the Broteans, the inhabitants of a nearby moon.


Mark Millar first started working on the comic book, Trident’s Saviour, when he was still a high school student in Scotland. After a long run at DC in the 1990s, he moved to Marvel when he worked on Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates, Civil War, and Old Man Logan. In 2004, he created his own imprint Millarworld. At Millarworld, he wrote several notable comics, included Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman: Secret Service, Nemesis, Jupiter’s Legacy, and Jupiter’s Circle.

In 2017, Netflix purchased Millarworld after several of his comics were successfully turned into movies: Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman. Since Millar has started working for Netflix, he has written comics such as Prodigy for the company. Even though Netflix owns Millarworld, Image still publishes his graphic novels.

Goran Parlov was the artist for Punisher: Max and Fury: My War Gone By. Before Starlight, he had primarily worked for European publishers, but he is a perfect fit for Starlight. He perfectly images a world more reminiscent of the Jetsons, Buck Rogers and John Carter than of Star Wars. It

Where to get Starlight

Starlight was a five-issue limited edition and it made one graphic novel. It is available on Kindle, comiXology, and paperback. The fact that the Starlight graphic novel has been labeled as volume one indicates that Millar may want to revisit McQueen in the future. As always, make sure you check your local comic book store to see if they have a copy.

Starlight, Vol. 1.

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