Fourth Down in Dunbar

Dunbar High School in Fort Myers has produced an extraordinary number of outstanding football players. David A. Dorsey has written a new book, Fourth Down in Dunbar, that examines that why an area plague with drug abuse and violence has also started the career of numerous NFL players.

The Florida Bookshelf

Deion Sanders, Jevon Kearse, Earnest Graham, Sammy Watkins and other NFL stars from Fort Myers, Florida are featured in Fourth Down in Dunbar, which we are pleased to be publishing today.

Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King says, “Rarely have we gotten such a vivid look into the reality of how big-time players avoided becoming statistics.” Fourth Down in Dunbar tells how the Dunbar neighborhoods of Fort Myers—plagued by drugs and violence and where many children are fatherless—gave rise to an incredible number of talented NFL players.

Nearly two dozen athletes from Dunbar have achieved massive success. Sammy Watkins being picked fourth in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills marks almost sixty years of the Dunbar star athlete phenomenon.

In his twenty years as a reporter for the Fort Myers News-Press, author David Dorsey has witnessed future stars mature from playing at local high schools to…

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