What the mind’s eye can see

The John Hopkins University Press has a post from Dr. J. R. Leibowitz about the connection between physics and art. While the connection between art and physics may initial seem remote, Leibowitz’s how these two distinct things are ultimately connected. Leibowitz’s intriguing new book is titled Hidden Harmony: The Connected Worlds of Physics and Art.

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

Guest post by Dr. J.R. Leibowitz 

My book Hidden Harmony: The Connected Worlds of Physics and Art has been cited as among the first serious efforts to address the fundamental connections between physics and art. The question of what unites them invites all of us to some understanding of what is truly basic to these two seemingly disparate realms. It is a reasonable objective for readers who have had little exposure to either.

The docent in an art gallery may choose to address some of the art historical allusions associated with a particular work. “Please notice the clues in this German Expressionist piece to what was transpiring in Berlin at that time. In this next painting, what is the historical significance of the placement of that vase on that particular table?” There is no question that such matters are interesting.

But it is also fascinating to imagine peeking over the…

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