10 Books to Help You Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month Like a Kentuckian

The University Press of Kentucky has published a Top Ten list of books that will help you celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month like a Kentuckian. Their suggested books are a mix of histories, cookbooks and travel guides.

Here are UK Press’s ten selections:

History Books:

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage by Michael Veach

The Social History of Bourbon by Gerald Carson

Kentucky Bourbon: The Early Years of Whiskeymaking by Henry G. Crowgey

Moonshiners and Prohibitionists: The Battle Over Alcohol in Southern Appalachia (New Directions in Southern History) by Bruce E. Stewart

Madam Belle: Sex, Money, and Influence in a Southern Brothel (Topics in Kentucky History) by Maryjean Wall

Cookbooks and Cocktail Recipes:

The Old Fashioned: An Essential Guide to the Original Whiskey Cocktail by Albert W.A. Schmid

The Kentucky Mint Julep by Joe Nickell

The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook by Albert W.A. Schmid

Bourbon Desserts by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Travel Guide:

Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide by Susan Reigler

Check out the link to the University of Kentucky Press blog website.

Check out the DailyHistory.org Bookshelf at Powell’s Books.

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